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The MatriArchiv is an academic specialised library with literature concerning matriarchal societies back in history and today. The literature, offered in the main scientific languages, is intended for an international audience and all interested persons. This specialised library is maintained by the Cantonal Library Vadiana, St. Gallen (Kantonsbibliothek Vadiana St.Gallen). The access is available to the public and free of charge.

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Caliban und die Hexe

Caliban und die Hexe

Silvia Federici: Caliban und die Hexe. Frauen, der Körper und die ursprüngliche Akkumulation. Wien: Mandelbaum, 2012. 315 S.

Caliban und die Hexe ist eine Geschichte des weiblichen wie auch des kolonialisierten Körpers während des Übergangs zum Kapitalismus. Ausgehend von den Bauernaufständen des späten Mittelalters und dem Aufstieg der mechanischen Philosophie untersucht Federici die kapitalistische Rationalisierung der gesellschaftlichen Reproduktion.

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Berggöttinnen der Alpen

Berggöttinnen der Alpen

Heide Göttner-Abendroth: Le società matriarcali. Studi sulle culture indigene del mondo.

Roma, Venexia 2013. 709 Seiten.

“All’inizio le madri” e non “il dominio delle madri”, in forma speculare al patriarcato: questo sono le società matriarcali, che stanno all’inizio delle civiltà umane e ancora oggi sono diffuse in tutti i continenti. Il libro, frutto di una lunga ricerca sul campo e degli studi di ricercatori indigeni, dopo un excursus teorico sulla letteratura sui matriarcati, documenta in profondità il funzionamento, le finalità e l’estetica delle società improntate ai valori materni.

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Ave Dea - 13 Göttinnen


Jill Cook (Hrsg.): Ice Age Art. Arrival of the Modern Mind.

London: British Museum, 2012. 288 S. Erscheint anlässlich der gleichnamigen Ausstellung im British Museum vom 7.2-26.5.2013

This unique book explores the extraordinary sculpture and drawings created during the last European Ice Age, between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago the oldest known figurative art in the world. Over 100 objects are featured alongside stunning illustrations, including small but exquisite sculptures made from mammoth ivory, engraved drawings, and jewellery from the age of the great painted caves, in addition to celebrated masterpieces. Featured are the “Swimming Reindeer” (13,000 years old), the so called “Willendorf Venus” (25,000 years old) and the “Vogelherd horse” (32,000 years old), examining them in a new light.

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Critical Review of the Exhibition by Annine van der Meer:

Review of the Exhibition


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